Interview with Blue Balls Gear

Blue Balls Gear is on a mission to raise awareness of Testicular Cancer in the same way that the NFL’s “Pink” Coordinated Campaign has for Breast cancer.

Blue Balls Gear (BBG) recently followed us on Twitter and since I always try to check out followers I was intrigued by their feed… and having checked out the site, I learnt that they are selling T-shirts to not only raise funds for the Testicular Cancer Society (TCS) but also they are planning an ‘awareness event’. I have a good reason (well two actually) to be onside with this one, so I asked them for an email interview.

Biker47: Hello Dennis, tell me about BBG. What’s the ‘reason for being’?
BBG: I’m a big American Football fan, and every October the National Football League (NFL) runs an awareness campaign for Breast cancer called Pink. This is truly an outstanding program and all credit to the NFL to include it as part of its regular programming. We thought what a great journey Pink had taken from its humble beginnings… the program’s simplicity of message and its ‘across the board’ ability to raise awareness for Breast cancer.

We then asked ourselves, “What is out there regarding men and what can be done to promote men’s cancer awareness?” ”Is there a way to reach men with messaging that improves their health and possibly save lives?” We contacted the Testicular Cancer Society and found out some scary facts:

• Testicular cancer is the leading cause of cancer in guys age 15-35
• Testicular cancer is almost 100% curable at early stages but later stages lead to higher treatment burdens and unnecessary deaths
• On average, in the United States, one guy is diagnosed with testicular cancer every hour and one guy dies each day from the disease
• One in 250 guys will develop testicular cancer in their lifetime

Biker47: 18-35! That’s an eye-opener! I’ll admit to thinking that cancer was largely an age related thing. So what happened next?
BBG: The ‘early’ age range is astonishing isn’t it! That fact alone was one of the driving forces behind BBG! So after some lengthy research, we decided that a clothing range that carried a positive message could work with specific demographics targetted. For example, we have produced a simple yet glaring design to deliberately provoke conversation amongst this younger/approaching-middle-age groups.
Blue Balls Gear awareness tshirtBlue Balls gear awareness week tshirt modelBiker47: Simple and as you say, effective! What other demographics are you targeting?
BBG: The more active amongst us – action/extreme sports like windsurfing, paragliding, rock-climbing, motorsports, snowboarders etc. We’re working on specific designs that appeal to those sports. For example, we have a Windsurfer’s Tshirt running the headline “Get Your Pair In The Air” and we’re delighted to say it’s becoming popular! Our plan is to produce as many specific designs as we can to spread the word and continue to raise the awareness of the stats behind Testicular cancer.

Blue Balls Gear Windsurfers tshirtBlue Balls Gear Windsurfer tshirt modelBiker47: Get your pair in the air! Nice one! How do your Tshirts fund the TCS?
BBG: It obviously costs real money to produce and promote the idea, but as part of our agreed business model with the TCS, we are committed to donating at least $1 per Tshirt sale to their vital research and support services.

Biker47: That’s great news. Is there going to be a specific Tshirt for all the bikers out there?
BBG: We’re working on that! We have some ideas that we’ve floated on our site and we’re always looking for comments or even a pro bono designer to help us through!

Biker47: That’s some great work guys. I wish you all the best with it all. Do keep in touch!
BBG: We will! And a huge thank you for helping us spread the word!


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