A Grandma at the Pool

BBG one day at the pool was asked by two older ladies what my shirt said on the back.

BBG responded, “Ladies some folks that ask a question may not be ready for the response”…”If you would like to know I will tell you>” …and both said “Please do…”

BBG held up the shirt and showed them the artwork on the back of the BBG “National Blue Balls Awareness Month” T-shirt. BBG proceeded to explain how BBG’s business model came about and the idea behind coupling messaging targeting young males awareness for testicular cancer and BBG’s support and donation relationship with the http://www.testicularcancersociety.org  Please scroll down and read “Clothing with a Message” listed earlier within this same blog. BBG then showed them the Testicular Cancer Awareness Support + Donate messaging on each sleeve of each shirt and how at least 0ne-dollar of each shirt sale goes to the TC Society.  It was then explained that there were, at present two shirts, the…1) “National Blue Balls Awareness Month”- for university aged males social interactions, and 2) “Get Your Pair in the Air” shirts – for interest of action/extreme sports minded individuals. Both shirts are specifically designed to capture attention to create conversation and raise awareness for TC. Both women said they “Really Liked” the shirts and the idea behind it. Of most importance, was when leaving the pool area, one of the ladies came back to BBG and asked for the name of the website/online store……she said: “It took me the time it took to get to that door to remember that I have an 18 year old grandson and I think it would be good for me to buy him a shirt!BellaP Wjersey (3) web

promo2_awareweb                       pcbeach


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