From the Beginning

Blue Balls Gear frequently gets asked “The Blue Balls logo? – Where did this come from? – and what is meaning?”

The name did not come was the concept that eventually generated it, as follows:

While watching the NFL 2013 season, the month of October came along and with it the NFL’s Pink Coordinated Campaign for Women’s Breast Cancer Awareness. This is truly an outstanding program and also exemplary that the NFL has included it as part of it’s regular programming.

Well, in short the month started with players wearing pink on themselves somewhere. I think ribbons and gloves at first. Throughout the month more and more Pink came onto the field like socks, bandanas, shoes, and this continued increasingly. Blue Balls Gear watched one game near the end of the month and the referee threw a Pink penalty flag. Blue Balls Gear jumped out of seat and said “Heck Yes!”. Blue Balls Gear then ordered a Pizza from Hungry Howies Pizza and IT CAME IN A PINK BOX!!! Blue Balls Gear then said “Hell Yes!!!!!” and thought what a great journey Pink had taken from it’s humble beginnings of the Komen foundation in1991 symbolized by a pink visor. Self Magazine in 1992 came up with Charlotte’s Haley’s peach colored ribbon. Somewhere in here was the “Save the Ta-Ta’s!” Foundation. All programs were very successful in raising awareness to women’s breast cancer, and it eventually changed to the pink ribbon and now to PINK  and it’s sucess on saving more and more lives.

Blue Balls Gear found this to be absolutely fabulous and was so impressed by it’s story, the program’s simplicity in message, it’s hugely popular success in getting out the message in a positive manner, and it’s across the board ability to raise awareness and save lives. Also impressive was the wide range of audience acceptance through marketing and it’s broad range of support in all demographics and audiences. Blue Balls Gear then asked itself:

“What is out there and what can be done to promote men’s cancer awareness?”…….”Is there a way to reach men with messaging that improves their health and possibly save lives?”……………………………to be continued.


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