About Us

Blue Balls Gear supports awareness and encourages donation to ALL types of cancer  causes– mens – womens – childrens…All forms and  All types. This philosophy is now the driving force in our business model. However, our roots are based  in the men’s cancer issue and have decided to base this issue as our foundation objective. The goal is to successfully build a successful awareness and fund-raising partnership between a private sector entity/charitable worthy cause to the benefit of both. If successful, the door will be open to expand to other cancer causes and charitable organizations.

Blue Balls Gear’s philosophy is to provide goods and services to individual demographics based on the Blue Balls logo that when worn clearly identifies each group’s lifestyle, hobby, sport or social activity.

The first demographic is composed of university aged students and aims to capture and promote social interaction through leisure activities such as networking, media, social events and Spring Break type related events utilizing surf shops, gift shops, restaurants, concerts, and bars and taverns.

The second group is aimed at action/extreme sports related activities such as skateboarding, BMX biking, motocross, snowboarding, base jumping, hang gliding, kite surfing, surfing, skim boarding, street luge, paragliding, rock climbing, sky diving, wakeboarding, windsurfing, etc. utilizing the same outlets as above.

Blue Balls Gear is proud to have been fortunate to be a business sponsor and to provide T-shirts for the cancer auction at to the 2015 Stephen Smith Memorial Regatta Foundation. The foundation is a 501c nonprofit organization for the benefit of the American Cancer Society in memory of Stephen Smith, a local sailor who died from a rare form of leukemia at the age of 29.

As a result of this rewarding experience, Blue Balls Gear’s future plan is to make cancer awareness a part of it’s business model through continued donations from T-shirt sales to the Testicular Cancer Society http://www.testicularcancersociety.org/ The Testicular Cancer Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization raising awareness for the most common form of cancer in men age 15-35. They are dedicated to increasing awareness and education about the disease and providing support for fighters, survivors and caregivers.

Blue Balls Gear hopes to help in increasing this awareness effort by appealing to a wide range customer base where identity, interest, and style of life reflects active social interactions through clothing with a message.


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